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Working with Athene was a straightforward project in some respects, but as with many projects, challenges present themselves eventually.  The majority of the project was a migration from 6.1 to 8.0 of WebSphere Portal.  During the project, though, the company went through a rebranding and required us to create a new theme that would be more mobile friendly and incorporate the new branding.  One final wrinkle was the desire to switch from using the deprecated remote rendering portlet to a local rendering portlet.

The scope of this project included 5 virtual portals that needed to be preserved and separation of content to then branch out into a 8.0 portal with managed pages enabled.  This was accomplished by using sandbox as the target to migrate to, then creating a PAA with components for the five VPps and 1 for the base.  We used this along with syndication to move the content from the sandbox environment to the other environments.

This approach allowed us a repeatable procedure for updating the existing environments and allowed us to be very aggressive on the timelines.  During the project, the rebranding work was launched and we updated the theme after the environments were built.  Some additional work was also done on the source system to switch from remote rendering to local rendering portlets before starting the migration.  This was done via xmlaccess and allowed us to be able to step back to any point at any time we needed in case of error.


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