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John Deere- Asponte Custom Skin


This project initially started out with a short project to advise them on their WCM implementation.
We provided guidance on how to achieve their initial design goals.  After the short engagement it evolved into a technical support project, where we would be available to help as needed.
Asponte provided guidance on all aspects from install to configuration to development.  
Through this we also conducted a full implementation review and made recommendations for enterprise planning within the whole company.  
After this we provided assistance with installation and development.

Some additional projects that came out of this were the bookmarks project.  
This was a project to allow the users to favorite content so that they could always find it no matter where it might move within the portal.  
Additionally the user can organize these bookmarks and they will be separated by language and virtual portal.  This allows you to have users that work in a multi language portal with multiple virtual portals.

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