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Dominion Enterprises is a leading marketing services company serving the wide-ranging needs of many industries including real estate, apartments, specialty vehicles, employment, automotive and travel. With best-of-category magazines and websites, Dominion Enterprises is one of the largest providers of highly targeted classified advertising. Our familiar brands are recognized from coast to coast and include For Rent,, The Employment Guide,, and, as well as a full complement of specialty vehicle titles including and Commercial Truck Trader – all reaching millions of consumers.

In a typical day, an employee might traverse five to ten systems, all separate, some Single Sign On, some Same Sign On, and all with different entry points. A manager could easily double the high end of that. Like many companies we have an issue with silos, but our is compounded by the different businesses operating independently and segregated.

So what issue does this cause?
Multiple overlapping and duplicate systems, a multiverse. Knowledge silos. 
A bevvy of applications, not limited to: home-grown, on prem, and SaaS.
All of these are under the umbrella of: many technologies (Java, RPG, PHP, ColdFusion, .NET, Domino, Ruby, Etc.)
Plus many websites and many points of access.

Asponte was brought in to improve the Employee Experience

Installations and Portal Upgrade ;  Previous WCM data migration ; SAML/SSO for Portal ;  Custom theme ; Add departmental news/sites  ;  Adding employee profile pages ; Replace paper forms ; Watson search engine  ; Replace other CM systems

Result: A simple clean single point of entry for employees with increased productivity, shared knowledge, and transparency.

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