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John Deere asked Asponte to help them view & manipulate

permissions across all their HCL DX environments and libraries.


Most customers have several libraries in different base and virtual portals spread across multiple environments. 
Using the out of the box portal tools it’s not possible to view (at a glance) all permissions which have been assigned to all the libraries. In order to view the permissions on a single library, the administrator is required to view and copy down information from dozens of different portal screens. This does not scale well to multiple libraries in various base and virtual portals across several environments.

This project initially started out with a short project to advise them on their WCM implementation. Asponte provided guidance on how to achieve their initial design goals.  After the short engagement it evolved into a technical support project, where we would be available to help as needed.

Asponte provided guidance on all aspects from install to configuration to development.  During this engagement, they also conducted a full implementation review and made recommendations for enterprise planning within the whole company.  Then Asponte provided assistance with installation and development.

A new development that evolved from this was the "Bookmarks" project.  This was a project to allow the users to favorite content so that they could always find it no matter where it might move within the Portal environment.  Additionally the user can organize these bookmarks and they will be separated by language and virtual portal.  This allows you to have users that work in a multi language portal with multiple virtual portals.



WCM Content Locator allows administrators to easily review and/or modify the Library Permissions and the Library Resource Permissions with just a few clicks. Helps users expose content location in multiple formats. It will display the library name, category name, and path to the component, based on the selections of a content element.

Example: Admin needs to add the WCM_Design_Admin group to the Manager role for all Authoring Templates and Presentation Templates across all libraries in their virtual portal. 

WCM Content Locator, allows this task to be accomplished in under a minute and the resulting permissions across all those libraries would be presented to the administrator.


WCM Content Locator  (part of XDT WCM Utilities)

  • Work on one or more libraries in a virtual portal or a base portal
  • Report on library permissions and/or one or more resource permissions
  • Add / Delete library permissions and/or one or more resource permissions
  • Modify propagation and inheritance
  • Download and review previous reports

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