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This one was a two-faceted engagement; the first was to do performance tuning for the existing site.  The existing portal site had been working for 3 years and they had recently seen a slow down in the performance.  Our investigation included setting up loadrunner scripts, investigation of output, suggesting changes, and then performing the iterative process to solve all issues.  This resulted in a much faster performing system.  In this we worked with the customer and their hosting provider to deliver a final solution.

The second facet included user setup on initial login.  The goal was that it would force the user to finish setting up their user profile before being allowed to complete login.  Integrating with Tivoli Identity Manager, we created a set of portlets to help the user set up things like custom challenge/response questions.  This allowed all user setup tasks to be done during the portal flow without having to redirect to a third website.  Additionally it kept users from bypassing this until all aspects were done.

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