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National Government Services has been a repeat client of Asponte.

We initially helped them migrate to WebSphere Portal 8.0. In that migration, we did a like for like transition with no upgrade to content or look and feel.  After the passing of the Affordable Healthcare Act, a redesign of the site was in order to help their customers with all of the changes.  This new project would consist of reducing navigational burden, installing new infrastructure, security hardening, content creation, and application development.

The biggest effort was restructuring the content.  This was required to make the content easier to find as well as more navigable.
The end goal being that fewer clicks were needed for a user to find the content they desired.  On top of this, all of the content was bulk tagged so that it was easier to search.  We provided a custom tool to do this bulk tagging so that the users can easily see what content will be tagged and with what keywords it will be tagged.

We also directed the installation of all layers of portal, guided their performance tuning, and assisted with system hardening.
This also included providing a runbook, when finished, with all parameters set.  Additionally we added diagrams for existing syndication, network traffic, and topologies. This left a very secure and clean environment for which we used syndication to accept all the new content; leaving all the old content behind as well as the old applications.

Another way we saved costs for the customer was by hosting the development environment for the customer.  The existing 8.0 environments were left alone, while new 8.0 environments were installed with the latest fixpack and CF level beside them, and work continued on the sandbox we hosted.  This allowed the work streams to be independent of each other and all proceed together.

Finally we rebuilt the theme after doing a deep dive into the content and user base.  This allowed us to deliver a menu system to get users to the content faster. Most content was now only one or two clicks away, where it may have been hidden before.


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