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Standard Life of Canada- Asponte Custom Skin



Standard Life of Canada was beginning a multi-phase project to migrate their various sites to Portal 7.

They began with the Advisor Portal which required many different areas of expertise including Web Content Management (WCM) architecture and development, custom portlet development, and infrastructure planning.  

Asponte also delivered custom-tailored training in WCM and Portlet Development in order to help Standard Life grow expertise on the Portal platform from within.  In the end, we helped Standard Life develop a robust web experience to serve their financial advisors, and more importantly, helped to enable their internal IT staff to continue to support their site moving forward.



We faced many unique challenges as part of our work with Standard Life. First, the company is headquartered in Montreal and required frequent travel to their office. Our team worked both on-site and remotely to complete this project.  

Second, as a Canadian company, Standard Life required a fully multi-lingual experience for their end-users, allowing us to take advantage of the various multi-locale features of Portal including a full implementation of the WCM Multilingual Lingual Solution.  
As you might imagine, with a Montreal headquarters and a multilingual site, our engineers needed to overcome language barriers in order to communicate effectively with the customer.

Finally, while we were able to leverage several out of the box features to support the multilingual requirements, some tasks required fairly custom solutions.  One such example is the content and document search, which was crawling thousands of content items and documents and surfacing both French and English results.  Our solution for Standard Life heavily leverages our Faceted Search approach and can easily be adapted to fit new requirements.

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