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Working with Florida Bar was an interesting challenge to revamp the site, increase information flow, and integrate several legacy applications.  

Our challenges here were in doing the development in phases which included the integration pieces in phases.  Some of the additional work we did included using WCM for new content creation while old content would continue to reside in existing legacy applications.  Other challenges included working on i/Series which presents differently than most other operating systems, and integration with several Domino applications.

Our first goal was to reduce the navigational burden for users.
The main reason behind this was to help users get to the documentation they wanted faster. The documents you put all your time into, does no one any good if they cannot find the item. We used a new look and feel for the navigation to achieve this. Additionally we used Portal search to integrate all of the disparate content sources into one area.

The second goal was to provide a uniform look and feel for their existing applications.
This would give the appearance of integrated apps, without having to integrate all of them at the same time. This allowed us to lower the overall risk by staging the migration of applications.  
This was all done by using the Portal Web Application integrator that allows you to inject the look and feel of portal navigation into other web applications.

Finally we set up new WCM assets for developing newsletters and other web content for the site. This allowed for easier content creation by the authors using the created WCM authoring templates.  Some other aspects we created were an automated emailer to e-mail the WCM generated newsletter to subscribers so they could check out some of the new content that was created. 


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