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  1. Unraveling the mysteries of IBM Portal Search REST API - Part 3 - Constraints and Sorting

    In Part 1 of this blog, I introduced basic information about the Search REST API and how to use the Constraint API to setup a basic search. In Part 2  of this blog, I talked about how to use the Facets REST API to categorize your content....

    Written on: May 4, 2021    Author: Maria Rauba

    Filed under: search, portal, rest, facets, constraints, api, sort, sortkey, fieldtypes, ibm, sortorder, wcm

  2. Unraveling the mysteries of Portal Search REST API - Part 1

    Recently I needed to use the Search REST API for a project and IBM's documentation in the wiki is a bit confusing. The wiki documentation is here: 8.5: https://help.hcltechsw.com/digital-experience/8.5/search-rest-api/constraints-spec.html

    Written on: May 4, 2021    Author: Maria Rauba

  3. 2021 - the year you finally start that Cloud Migration project

    What should companies be doing today to successfully migrate their digital environments to the cloud? Our founder, Craig Yerger, has some thoughts that might help.

    Written on: Mar 29, 2021    Author: Craig Yerger

  4. Enhancing the Developer Experience: Leveraging the dxdashboard

    Leverage dxdashboard to enhance the development experience of WebDAV theme files, as well as Script Applications.

    Written on: Mar 2, 2021    Author: Chris Knight

    Filed under: experience, enhance, developer, wcm, code

  5. Never underestimate the power of a small team who are experts at what they do

    On January 29th, I was fortunate enough to witness a small private team of grassroots racers take on the corporations and large budgets of professional racing. Read about how the #85 AOA Racing team parallels how we execute here at Asponte Technology.

    Written on: Feb 4, 2021    Author: Philip Cheshire

  6. Technology Trends Affecting Business in 2021

    Five key technology predictions that all businesses need to consider this year.

    Written on: Jan 19, 2021    Author: Duffy Fron

  7. The Future of Digital Workplace and Employee Collaboration

    Asponte Technology featured on CMSWire webinar - The Future of Digital Workplace and Employee Collaboration

    Written on: Oct 2, 2020    Author: Nick Bomleny

  8. Asponte Technology featured in CIO Review : Top Ten Most Promising Enterprise Architecture Technology Consulting / Service Company Award for 2020

    CIO Review recognized Asponte Technology and their service to clients and mission for success in Technology Service. Top Ten Most Promising Enterprise Architecture Technology Consulting / Service Company Award for 2020

    Written on: Jul 27, 2020    Author: Nick Bomleny

  9. Parachuting and COVID-19: What I learned falling through the sky and what we will learn from today’s chaos

    Written on: Apr 16, 2020    Author: uid=jverkon,cn=users,dc=asponte,dc=com uid=jverkon,cn=users,dc=asponte,dc=com

  10. COVID-19 affecting Your Business? Why the Digital Experience Journey is more important now than ever

    COVID-19 is causing employers all over the world to shut their doors and their employees begin working remotely. Is your employee digital experience ready to handle a complete remote workforce?

    Written on: Mar 22, 2020    Author: Philip Cheshire

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