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  1. Changing Hostname for a system running a Portal 8.5 cluster

    I recently came across the need to change a hostname on a system running its own self-contained Portal 8.5 cluster (dmgr/db2/portal). When initially looking at changing the hostname it can seem like quite a daunting task since there are a good amount of steps...

    Written on: Oct 28, 2016    Author: Ryan Mullett

  2. IBM World of Watson 2016 Recap

    I have seen the future of AI in business, and it is truly grand.   Myself and a few other Asponte employees attended the IBM World of Watson conference in Las Vegas from October 22-27th. IBM has shifted from smaller product focused conferences to being...

    Written on: Oct 3, 2016    Author: Philip Cheshire

    Filed under: cognitive, intelligence, artificial, watson, ai, ibmwow16, analytics, ibmwow

  3. WCM Quick Hits: A quick simple paging for menus

    Introduction One of the use cases for WCM menu components is the ability to add paging to the menu.  This can involve some trial and error, so here's a quick tip on how to easily style paging that will present previous and next links, as well as...

    Written on: Sep 21, 2016    Author: Chris Knight

    Filed under: developer, plugin, wcm, menu, quickhits

  4. Project Planning 101: Understanding needs vs wants and prioritizing requirements

    An effective method to planning large scale IBM WebSphere Portal projects   Defining needs, nice-to-haves, and pipe dreams can be a daunting task, especially for a large scale project. Trying to prioritize what makes it into the project scope can be even...

    Written on: Sep 20, 2016    Author: Adam Rubemeyer

  5. IBM Portal Search Tip - how to make tags available for searching

    You can tag WCM content with tags by using Tagging and Rating REST API , or using the Tags plugin .   The tags are not available as a field in the seedlist, and therefore the text in the tags is not searchable out-of-the-box. In...

    Written on: Sep 9, 2016    Author: Maria Rauba

    Filed under: search, tagging, portal, remote, wcm.config.seedlist.tagging.enabled, ibm, tags

  6. Design for Developers: Mobile Device Resolutions

    As is fairly typical with developers, creating a really great design is not my strongest skill.  Additionally, many designers aren’t going to be the best choice to implement a really great design, especially on enterprise platforms like WebSphere...

    Written on: Sep 1, 2016    Author: Nick Ciafardoni

    Filed under: portal, tablet, mobile, phone, responsive

  7. WCM Tools Series: Using JSP to mimic the Apply Template functionality

    Introduction There are times when you add a field to an authoring template, and you do no want to apply to All content that is using the authoring template.  Although it is possible to do this within the WCM UI, it is prohibitive to do it on more than 10...

    Written on: Aug 1, 2016    Author: Chris Knight

    Filed under: tools, jsp, wcm, custom

  8. Accessibility Requirements: Anchor tags without HREF

    It is fairly common these days to have lots of click-targets throughout a webpage that aren’t actually taking you anywhere.  Javascript is used to open light boxes, trigger custom UI widgets, and even hit external web services in some cases. ...

    Written on: Jul 29, 2016    Author: Nick Ciafardoni

  9. More on Leveraging the Portal Tagging and Rating REST API - Deleting a Tag - it takes two steps

    Chris Knight recently wrote a blog entry about the Portal Tagging and Rating REST API  in regards to adding a tag.  I implemented this add capability, but I also needed to delete a tag using this REST API. The documentation simply says: To ...

    Written on: Jul 27, 2016    Author: Maria Rauba

    Filed under: tagging, rest, tag, api, oid

  10. Do you know where your devices are?

    I recently read an article about IBM MaaS360 and it sounded like a very neat concept so I decided to download the free trial. I've also been fortunate enough to attend a few webcasts for MaaS360 recently and I wanted to share my thoughts.    For...

    Written on: Jul 20, 2016    Author: Billy McGowan

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