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  1. Asponte Amplified! #IBMAmplify Sentiment Analysis

    Asponte has all finally found their way back home after an epic first attendance of the IBM Amplify conference. As many of you are aware, we've been attending the IBM WebSphere Portal conference for many years. Now that Portal falls into the Commerce...

    Written on: Mar 25, 2016    Author: Philip Cheshire

  2. Removing portal context root and default home from URLs

    IBM has provided many ways over the years to help improve the general readability of their URLs.  Friendly URLs give you more descriptive paths to pages, vanity URLs let you create specialized links to specific pages, and stateless URLs get rid of all the...

    Written on: Mar 19, 2016    Author: Nick Ciafardoni

    Filed under: portal, context, 8.5, wps

  3. WCM 8.5 CF09 - InContext Tag Changes

    Previous blog entries have discussed the power of using the InContext tag. Cumulative Fix Pack 09 for WCM 8.5 has modified the behavior of the InContext tag, which will cause some previous code to no longer work.  UUID Parameter and No Content Found...

    Written on: Mar 18, 2016    Author: Kapish Aggarwal

  4. Enhancing the Developer Experience: Java Version Issues Developing for Portal 8 and 8.5

    Introduction I recently ran into an issue where I was using my Rational Application Developer environment, along with build.xml to build an .ear file for a customer.  The custom code, once deployed, was not showing as available to the Portal Server....

    Written on: Mar 17, 2016    Author: Chris Knight

  5. WCM Tools Series: Get Items in a Project

    Introduction We ran across a use case where we needed to be able to retrieve the assets that were associated with a published project, in order to generate a list of the assets that had been changed.   Using the WCM API, we can build a tool that allows...

    Written on: Mar 11, 2016    Author: Chris Knight

    Filed under: tools, jsp, wcm, custom

  6. Setting up IBM Installation Manager for X11 forwarding on CentOS

    Introduction For this guide I will assume you're using Windows with Putty and XMing for your X11 forwarding. Please install those programs prior to proceeding if you'd like to follow this guide exactly as written. When setting up a new installation of...

    Written on: Mar 11, 2016    Author: Ryan Mullett

  7. Tasks Before Opening a service request (PMR) for WebSphere

    If you need to open a service request or problem management record (PMR) there may be some questions that you need answered. We will go over how to create a PMR and what needs to be done.   Before you create a service request it would be helpful to gather...

    Written on: Mar 2, 2016    Author: John Ewers

  8. SEO and WebSphere Portal in CF08

    One of the constant struggles with WebSphere Portal is SEO issues with the urls that are generated.  Work arounds like hard coding urls, url mapping, turning off friendly url redirects, and URL rewrites at the HTTP server, have all been tried and are more...

    Written on: Mar 2, 2016    Author: wpsadmin

    Filed under: search, portal, seo, engine, websphere

  9. CF08 Theme Manager Access

    If you work with Portal themes at all, you have likely already heard about or even used the Theme Manager portlet made available in cf08.  The theme manager is really great, and IBM has provided a great walkthrough on developing with the new tools...

    Written on: Feb 24, 2016    Author: Nick Ciafardoni

  10. InContext Primer Part 2: Further Examination of InContext

    In the previous part of this blog series, I talked about the InContext tag and how it works. This part we will further explore the tag along with potential pitfalls.   The first point to be made is that InContext is technically a plugin, not an Element or...

    Written on: Feb 23, 2016    Author: Kapish Aggarwal

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