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  1. InContext Primer: What is InContext?

    The InContext tag is a powerful tool in the WCM Developer's arsenal that can be useful and tricky to utilize properly. It was briefly touched upon in a prior blog post about Context Switching tools that WCM provides. The InContext tag allows the developer...

    Written on: Feb 23, 2016    Author: Kapish Aggarwal

  2. Enhancing the Developer Experience: Attaching the Eclipse Debugger to WebSphere Portal

    Introduction One of the more powerful ways to troubleshoot an issue is the ability to attach a debugger to WebSphere Portal to be able to walk through your code to see where the issue lies.   In this scenario, I am attaching my debugger locally, which...

    Written on: Feb 17, 2016    Author: Chris Knight

    Filed under: experience, enhance, developer, wcm, code, debugging

  3. Quick Development Tip: RAD Code Templates

    Code templates in Rational Application Developer (RAD)/Eclipse are a great way to keep Java code blocks consistent. To access the code templates navigate to Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Code Templates. Here you can specify the code that is...

    Written on: Feb 16, 2016    Author: John Ewers

  4. Creating Meta Tags

    When you need to add HTML meta tags to a Portal pages head section   The changes need to be made in the base portal. Click on the wrench, which will take you to Settings. Under Portlet Management, click on “Portlets”. Find the web content...

    Written on: Feb 12, 2016    Author: Yong Lee

  5. WCM Tools Series: Add Site Area Children to Project

    Introduction We ran across a use case where we needed to be able to preview draft changes within a project on the portal pages.  This is typical usage for WCM with projects, however the content that was being displayed on the page was an amalgamation of a...

    Written on: Feb 11, 2016    Author: Chris Knight

    Filed under: tools, jsp, wcm, custom

  6. Site Builder

    What is Site Builder? Site Builder allows an author to create an entire website using a wizard-style interface. Site Builder comes with four default sites, each of which may be customized. For example: You can let Site Builder create a brand new library for...

    Written on: Feb 10, 2016    Author: Bryant Poole

  7. Speech to Text Bluemix Service Integration Demo

    IBM BlueMix offers a variety of services running in the cloud. Today, we're going to demonstrate the IBM Watson Speech-To-Text service transcribing audio we capture in our IBM WebSphere Portal server.   

    Written on: Feb 8, 2016    Author: Philip Cheshire

    Filed under: portal, websockets, speech-to-text, bluemix, integration

  8. Top 6 overlooked things when Securing WebSphere Portal

    When setting up your WebSphere Portal site usually you will want to harden the site to prevent unauthorized access, inadvertent disclosure of protected data, and malicious attacks. 1.  If your site requires authentication you will want to secure at a...

    Written on: Feb 3, 2016    Author: Admin

    Filed under: portal, security, appserver, websphere

  9. WCM Tools Series: Introduction to using custom JSPs

    Introduction   We constantly find ourselves using custom JSPs from within WCM for various reasons: To use the WCM API to allow for custom rendering  to provide functionality that WCM does not out of the box. To use custom JSPs within authoring...

    Written on: Feb 2, 2016    Author: Chris Knight

    Filed under: tool, jsp, wcm, series, custom

  10. Learning the Differences: WCM Tag Availability in 8.0 vs. 8.5

    If you happen to be doing WCM work in different environments, you may have had the misfortune of trying to use tags that work in one, but not another.  WCM has been growing with each new version and fix pack, and if you are working in different versions...

    Written on: Jan 28, 2016    Author: Nick Ciafardoni

    Filed under: ctc, 8.0, tags, 8.5, wcm

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