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  1. Spring Data Part 1: Basic JPA Repository

    It wasn't long ago that relational databases were the main data access technology and there were more then enough data access frameworks to choose from when developing a Java enterprise application. With the rise of big data and NoSQL databases the data...

    Written on: Dec 1, 2015    Author: uid=lcarpenter,cn=users,dc=asponte,dc=com uid=lcarpenter,cn=users,dc=asponte,dc=com

    Filed under: database, spring-data, java, jpa, spring

  2. Using a Delivery Library to syndicate emergency fixes

    Syndication in WCM is for an entire library.  There are times when you may want only select changes to syndicate.  For example, you have a Design library with all your WCM assets and your team is working on a release.  An emergency issue comes...

    Written on: Nov 15, 2015    Author: Maria Rauba

  3. IBM WebSphere Portal V7.0 End of Support Life EOL

    Recently IBM Announced end of life for WebSphere Portal Version 7.  While V7.0 was a big jump forward when released in Sept 2010 V8.5 adds much more   Now is the time to upgrade your older IBM Portal WCM environments.  Investing in the upgrade...

    Written on: Nov 13, 2015    Author: Admin

    Filed under: portal, support, life, end, ibm, of, eol, v7, wcm, wps, websphere

  4. Initial syndication of large library/libraries

    The initial syndication of large content libraries can be a very daunting and very time consuming task, however after weighing other options and troubleshooting some very large syndication attempts recently, I'd like to offer my thoughts.  With the...

    Written on: Nov 9, 2015    Author: Billy McGowan

    Filed under: jcr, initial, export_import, syndication

  5. Continuous Integration with Portal

    How do your normal production deployments go?  Does everyone huddle around the war room on a Friday night into Saturday morning, praying for everything to go smoothly with this release?  And somehow something goes wrong, your process is a large...

    Written on: Nov 3, 2015    Author: Admin

  6. Enhancing the WCM Authoring Experience Part 2: The Applications Palette

    The Application Palette Another new feature of WebSphere Portal that enhances the content authoring experience is the application palette. This feature allows for content authors to drag and drop items from the site toolbar directly onto the portal page,...

    Written on: Nov 2, 2015    Author: Chris Knight

    Filed under: enhance, developer, wcm, custom, code, authoring

  7. Getting started with IBM Connections Blogs API

    IBM Connections has a vast amount of APIs available for use. Social Rendering and the out of the box Connections integration utilizes the Connections Search Service API. This api does give you a fair amount of data back for blog entries, but the detailed...

    Written on: Oct 25, 2015    Author: Philip Cheshire

    Filed under: proxy, connections, ajax

  8. WCM Custom Rendering Plugins Series: ReadProperty

    Introduction A use case that you may run across is the need to leverage properties from a properties file on the filesystem.  In order to do this, we created a custom rendering plugin to be able to use from WCM Design components.  The use case in our...

    Written on: Oct 24, 2015    Author: Chris Knight

    Filed under: developer, plugin, wcm, rendering, custom

  9. Getting Started with Content as a Service

    Content as a Service (CaaS) pages is a new feature in WebSphere Portal version 8.5 (requires CF05). The basic concept is that it exposes content within IBM Web Content Manager to other data clients in the raw data format of your choice, for example, in JSON or...

    Written on: Oct 20, 2015    Author: Bryant Poole

    Filed under: caas, wcm

  10. Enhancing the Developer Experience Part 1: Leveraging build.xml

    Building Applications When building dynamic web applications, one way to make it easier is to leverage a build.xml within your project to use Ant to do the actual build of the file.  This can be used to generate .jar files, .ear files, etc. as an output...

    Written on: Oct 20, 2015    Author: Chris Knight

    Filed under: enhance, developer, wcm, custom, code

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