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  1. WCM tags: the restrict attribute

    There is a useful attribute on the property tag called ‘restrict’, but it has some unique quirks which are, unfortunately, not very well documented.  First, lets define the attribute directly from IBM’s infocenter (https://www-304.ibm.co...

    Written on: Oct 16, 2015    Author: uid=nciafardoni,cn=users,dc=asponte,dc=com uid=nciafardoni,cn=users,dc=asponte,dc=com

    Filed under: tag, restrict, attribute, wcm, property, issues

  2. Dynacache peculiarites

    When working with WebSphere Portal you may use dynacache for performance reasons.  Some settings to keep in mind are   Enable disk offload Specifies if disk offloading is enabled. If you have disk offload disabled, when a new entry is created while...

    Written on: Oct 15, 2015    Author: wpsadmin

    Filed under: portal, dynacache, appserver, websphere, performance

  3. Performing a Silent Install of WebSphere Portal 8.5 Part 2

    To upgrade Portal and AppServer we will the the following files 8.5.5-WS-WAS-FP0000006-part1.zip 8.5.5-WS-WAS-FP0000006-part2.zip 8.5-WP-WCM-Combined-CFPI40843-Server-CF07.zip After uploading them to a server, I moved the was fixes into a folder called WASFP6,...

    Written on: Oct 9, 2015    Author: wpsadmin

    Filed under: portal, install, silent, unix, websphere

  4. Performing a Silent Install of WebSphere Portal 8.5 Part 1

    When working with unix you may run into cases where you have no gui to perform the install with.  In WebSphere AppServer 8.5 you cannot use console mode to install the AppServer piece.  This leaves you with the only two options, GUI, or console mode....

    Written on: Oct 6, 2015    Author: Admin

    Filed under: portal, install, silent, unix

  5. Using custom resource environment providers Part 2

    Last time we talked about how to do the implementation now we will register the portlet service and then add the code to a portlet to retrieve the value. Export the jar to wp_profile/PortalServer/config Go to  Resources  >  Resource...

    Written on: Sep 16, 2015    Author: Admin

    Filed under: portal, resource, rep, provider, service, environment, portlet

  6. Creating alternating row colors dynamically

      Continuing my theme of working around IE8 and using jQuery to do things that CSS3 can do, this blog addresses creating rows of data with alternating colors. Now this is easy enough without jQuery or fancy CSS with standard tables and rows. <style>...

    Written on: Sep 11, 2015    Author: Bryant Poole

    Filed under: wcm, jquery

  7. Virtual Portal Context vs. WCM API - FIGHT!

    First, some helpful links for those looking to know more about general WCM API usage: WCM 8 API: http://public.dhe.ibm.com/software/dw/lotus/portal_javadoc/80/wcm/api-javadoc/index.html WCM API samples: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/portalwiki.nsf/xpViewCategori...

    Written on: Sep 9, 2015    Author: uid=nciafardoni,cn=users,dc=asponte,dc=com uid=nciafardoni,cn=users,dc=asponte,dc=com

    Filed under: portal, theme, api, virtual, wcm

  8. Preventing the Internet Death Hug(how to prevent a DDOS attack)

    Given that portal is used for both internal and external sources it can sometimes come under a DDOS attack.  As a primer this is usually a distributed denial of service, with many clients accessing a server to overload its requests in an attempt to bring...

    Written on: Sep 4, 2015    Author: wpsadmin

  9. Fresh look at datasharing among applications

    Within WebSphere Portal you will often come up with the need to share data among your various applications.  This can be difficult with any easy method because they do share sessions or classloaders.  This can even cause problems if trying to use...

    Written on: Sep 2, 2015    Author: Admin

    Filed under: sharing, portal, dynacache, data, websphere

  10. Portal 8.5 portlet "Hide" button

    Portlet Hide feature that comes out of the box has changed in Portal 8.5. In the past when you clicked on "Hide" it would collapse the content and you can still see the portlet. In Portal 8.5 when you click "Hide" it would place that...

    Written on: Aug 31, 2015    Author: uid=ylee,cn=users,dc=asponte,dc=com uid=ylee,cn=users,dc=asponte,dc=com

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