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  1. Installing Directory Server on Fedora 21

    Recently a power outage killed our test ldap which was IBM directory server running on windows.  The reason it was running on windows is getting the full stack of db2,gskit, and ldap server installed on a unix environment often took lots of trouble. ...

    Written on: Jul 23, 2015    Author: Admin

    Filed under: portal, server, directory, install, 8.5, fedora

  2. Expression Language Evaluation WCM Plug-in

    Have you ever had the need to grab URL or page level parameters in WCM? This previously daunting task of creating a custom JSP to get these values is now a thing of the past. Enter the new Expression Language Evaluation Plug-in for WCM v8.5!  Its easy to...

    Written on: Jul 10, 2015    Author: Philip Cheshire

  3. Theme development bookmarks every theme developer should have

    For anyone doing theme development in the past few years, you've likely assembled your own must-have or go-to links for common problems. Those who are new to portal theme development do not likely have the arsenal of bookmarks. If you fall into the latter...

    Written on: Jul 9, 2015    Author: Philip Cheshire

    Filed under: portal, theme, development

  4. Sometimes, you have to wait for the right time to upgrade

    Being an early adopter of technology is great, especially for those who live and breathe being on the cutting edge of technology. This isn't always a good thing though. Larger corporations would rather run a version or two behind knowing that its stable...

    Written on: Jul 9, 2015    Author: Philip Cheshire

    Filed under: portal, mobilefirst, worklight, wcm

  5. How the CUR killed my Portal

    Any portal installation should have some kind of user repository, and this will usually be in the form of an LDAP server.  LDAPs come in many flavors and from many vendors with quite a few of them even being free.  Portal includes one in part of its...

    Written on: Jul 8, 2015    Author: wpsadmin

  6. The 5 Links you should always have when working with Portal

    These are the 5 best links you should always keep in your browser whenever working with portal.  You should be able to answer most questions through these sites. 1. Portal Documentation http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/websphere/zones/portal/proddoc/inde...

    Written on: Jul 6, 2015    Author: Admin

  7. Making a url across virtual portals

    There may come a time when you need to create a link from one virtual portal to another, or from somewhere outside of portal to a page within a virtual portal. To create a link from a servlet to a page within a virtual portal, you can make use of extension of...

    Written on: Jun 30, 2015    Author: Admin

    Filed under: portal, url, generation, vp, virtual, programming

  8. Asponte announces partnership with Dynatrace

    Today is a bright day for Asponte in announcing our new partnership with Dynatrace .  Dynatrace brings best of bread application performance monitor software.  This monitoring covers all tiers of your environment.  This provides you instant...

    Written on: Jun 26, 2015    Author: Admin

    Filed under: dynatrace, troubleshooting, performance

  9. 6 Things to watch out for the pluggable JDKs in WebSphere 8.5 and Portal

    You might not be aware but in WebSphere AppServer 8.5 there is the concept of pluggable JDKS.  The default JDK with WebSphere 8.5 is 1.6, but the Portal install automatically switches this to 1.7.  This gives you great flexibility in deciding what...

    Written on: Jun 25, 2015    Author: Admin

  10. 5 Gotcha's when Putting WebSphere Portal on the Cloud

    We recently published this very website.  In doing so we decided we wanted to take advantage of virtualization and low cost of ownership.  Additionally we did not want to have to deal with hosting the items in house when we can let someone do that...

    Written on: Jun 22, 2015    Author: Admin

    Filed under: portal, cloud, softlayer, virtualization

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