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  1. Portal 8.0 and 8.5 Advanced URL Generation Helper classes

    You may remember the Advanced URL generation helpers I previously provided while I was an IBM employee, as they are not being kept up to date anymore I am publishing new ones thate are ready for 8.5.   With IBM® WebSphere® Portal version 6.0 and...

    Written on: Jun 19, 2015    Author: wpsadmin

    Filed under: portal, url, advanced, generation, helper, spi

  2. PAA and XMLAccess soup

    If you have ever wanted to create your own PAA, whether it is for automating the install of production moves, to make it so you can place things on greenhouse or just because you wanted to try it it, you may have been confused.  Today I will walk through...

    Written on: Jun 16, 2015    Author: wpsadmin

    Filed under: greenhouse, paa, xmlaccess, custom

  3. An XMLAccess primer

    Over the years the number of problems that could have been solved by using xmlaccess is very high.  But many refuse to take the time to learn xmlaccess beyond the simple export.  First off you should make yourself aware of all the samples in...

    Written on: Jun 10, 2015    Author: wpsadmin

  4. Examining the Digitial Experience File Synch

    Stephen Hesmer demoed a wonderful new tool as the Digitial Experience conference and I wanted to install it and see how it worked. install node.js and you can find that here : https://nodejs.org/download/ After that verify it is installed correctly by...

    Written on: Jun 8, 2015    Author: wpsadmin

  5. Writing your own custom SPNEGO filter

    When working with SPNEGO and WebSphere you may run into a case where the default filter options are not enough.  You can see more about the default filter here http://www-01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSAW57_8.0.0/com.ibm.websphere.nd.doc/info/ae/ae/...

    Written on: Jun 5, 2015    Author: wpsadmin

  6. WCM Context Switching Tools

    For those familiar with IBM Web Content Management development, you have probably run into situations where it would be really helpful to temporarily change the current context. For example, maybe...

    Written on: Jun 2, 2015    Author: uid=nciafardoni,cn=users,dc=asponte,dc=com uid=nciafardoni,cn=users,dc=asponte,dc=com

  7. IBMDX15 key note

    IBMDX15 kicked off with a great key note. In that key note they discussed several things and some of those most powerful things I felt were following key points...

    Written on: Jun 1, 2015    Author: wpsadmin

  8. Digitial Experience 2015

    We are very excited for sunday and the start of the IBM Digital Experience conference in Atlanta. We will be giving several presentations as well as having a booth in the showcase room...

    Written on: May 29, 2015    Author: wpsadmin

  9. Creating Custom Theme Modules for IBM WebSphere Portal v8.5

    WPS v7.0.0.2 first introduced the concept of a modular theme. As the product has matured through its version, the modular themes concept has been extended and enhanced greatly to accommodate a variety of use cases...

    Written on: May 27, 2015    Author: wpsadmin

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