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There are a variety of reasons why a content author would need to get the user's attention. Alerts are such a common practice that users can be numb to the experience. Asponte has put together some styles of alerts that we feel accomplishes the goal of their intent, and engage the users with an exceptional digital experience. 

Each alert is a simple WCM content item created with an Asponte alerts custom authoring template. Content authors don't have to bother with knowing HTML or require any deep technical expertise. With the expansion of WCM content as a service, these alerts are also fully capable of being consumed by an IBM MobileFirst application.

In addition, each alert has a configurable execution. Options are to invoke the alert immediately on page load, delay the invocation by a defined amount of time, or invoke via a method call. Providing these various execution options allows the alerts to be quite flexible. For example, you may not want to invoke the modal popup until the user has been on the page for more than 5 or 10 seconds providing an immediate call to action knowing that the user is fully engaged on the page. 

Modal Popup

Intended to be used as a one-time notification. We utilized this alert to welcome people to our new site when it was launched. It is completely integrated into our analytics platform. Another possible use case could be a call to action for annual enrollment to employees when they land on the HR or benefits page, perhaps even a retailer campaigning a particular product. 

Emergency Message

Danger Will Robinson, danger! As the title suggests, this alert is bright and unavoidable. This alert should be used for emergency situations such as hurricane warnings, primary system outages, or any other reason why a content author would need to send an emergency message to the users.

Informational Message

While similar in function to the emergency message, the informational message is less impactful to the eyes and draws less of the users emotions. Possible uses could be for lower level system outages, reminders for employees to enter their time sheets, or even a content authoring freeze!

Floating Informational Message

This style alert is less noticeable to the end users as it floats on the bottom right of the users screen. It carries a low impact in order to draw the user's attention to it, but not cause any sort of cause for alarm.

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