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Asponte Amplified! #IBMAmplify Sentiment Analysis

  • Created By: Philip Cheshire
  • Updated: March 25, 2016

Asponte has all finally found their way back home after an epic first attendance of the IBM Amplify conference. As many of you are aware, we've been attending the IBM WebSphere Portal conference for many years. Now that Portal falls into the Commerce platform, the portal conference has been combined with the Commerce conference. In summation, wow! 

Asponte kicked off the week with our Asponte Amplified event where our friends SWITCH rocked the roof off the conference hotel. If you missed it, be sure to attend our event next year where we'll surely amp it up even more!

We had such a great time at the conference, we were curious if others had an epic experience like ourselves. To find out, we took to the Twittersphere to see what others had to say. We searched on "#IBMAmplify" but as you're surely aware, you have to then read every single tweet. That's not something we felt valueable. However, what we did see as valueable is piping that output through the IBM Watson Bluemix sentiment analysis service to get the general feel of what people thought. 

Overall people seemed to be very happy with the conference. We're pleased to see our feelings line up with the rest of the general conference attendees. We thought we'd share with you our sentiment analysis on #IBMAmplify. 


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