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CF08 Theme Manager Access

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  • Updated: February 24, 2016

If you work with Portal themes at all, you have likely already heard about or even used the Theme Manager portlet made available in cf08.  The theme manager is really great, and IBM has provided a great walkthrough on developing with the new tools available in cf08 available here:



Now, if you plan on using this tool on a new theme for a customer, you’ll want to make sure they are on cf08 first because it is provided out of the box.  Unfortunately, unless you are an administrator, you wont have access to the theme manager on their system!  By default, the theme tools are ONLY available to admins, but you can extend access to other users and groups.  In order to use the tools a user must have the following access:

  1. View access on the theme development pages
  2. User access on the theme development portlets
  3. Manager access on all WebDAV resources. 

 You can set these access levels through administration or through XML access – for details on the latter see the following:



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