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IBM Portal Search Tip - how to make tags available for searching

  • Created By: Maria Rauba
  • Updated: September 9, 2016
  • Tags: search, tagging, portal, remote, wcm.config.seedlist.tagging.enabled, ibm, tags

You can tag WCM content with tags by using Tagging and Rating REST API, or using the Tags plugin.  

The tags are not available as a field in the seedlist, and therefore the text in the tags is not searchable out-of-the-box.

In order to make them searchable you need to follow this undocumented trick:

  1. In the WAS console, go to Resource Environment providers and open up WP ConfigService
  2. Click on 'Custom Properties'
  3. Click 'New'
    • Name:  wcm.config.seedlist.tagging.enabled
    • Value: true
    • type:  java.lang.boolean
  4. Click Apply/OK
  5. Save the configuration
  6. Restart Portal AND if you have a Remote Search server, it MUST be restarted too.

On a recent project we learned the hard way that the Remote Search server needed a restart too so that this takes affect.  If you do not restart the remote search server then you will see the tag field in your seedlist and search results xml but those fields will not actually be searched.

You can use tagging to promote content for your search since the tag field seems to be processed using a higher relevance than other fields.

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