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IBMDX15 key note

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  • Updated: June 1, 2015

IBMDX15 kicked off with a great key note from the following people:

In that key note they discussed several things and some of those most powerful things I felt were following key points.


1. Websites need to follow the needs for continuous business transformation.  Nobody is done anymore.  How do you stay alive and proof customer engagement in this market?  Certainly some at odds goals, like hyper responsive, but need continuous business transformation with deep engagement?  IBM digitial experience can help you do this in stages that make sense for you.


2. Partnering with CMO council to help drive the customer engagement model.  Digital experience need to be the heart of how companies engage with their customers.  Need to work together to build the experience for the business.  The internet of things provides untold number of data to help us help the customer better.  The end customer is coming to the business instead of business seeking customers.  What this means is that our customers are more connected than ever before, and seek the data.  You fail before the you even knew you had a customer.


3. The Customer is in charge. Ted Schadler @TedSchadler discussed how mobile first, is driving the age of the customer.  Customers are in the driver shift.  Customers expect to engage immediately with all cases, get what I want, when I want.  About Convenience.  Going mobile means redoing your business, ordering from the catalog, not the local store.  Don’t miss those moments of immediacy and convenience that your customers want.

4. Systems that you used to get to the web, no longer meet the needs of the age of the customer. Systems of engagement are where the rubber meets the road.   They help bring the systems of record and systems of automation. and combine with systems of insight to help determine where trends are going.  You have to have a new model to be able to test and validate insights, along with being able to implement those insights.


5. New offerings from IBM:

  • Digital experience on cloud, great starter environment<
  • New ephox textio.editor (get around the chrome limitation of no more java)
  • Digital Experience layout editor(coming soon)
  • Digital Experience file sycn(NO MORE WEB DAV CLIENTS)
  • New version of the script portlet
  • DIgitial Experience commerce portlets
  • Content as a Service for mobile apps(new mobile templates)

​Key thoughts: your customer is driving you, if you are not ready to respond you are failing.  If it is not mobile it is not worth your time.  If you are not constantly evaluating your website you are falling into irrelevance.  You need to focus on engagement.  IBM is empowering you to meet these needs, but are you listening? 

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