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PAA and XMLAccess soup

  • Created By: wpsadmin
  • Updated: June 16, 2015
  • Tags: greenhouse, paa, xmlaccess, custom

If you have ever wanted to create your own PAA, whether it is for automating the install of production moves, to make it so you can place things on greenhouse or just because you wanted to try it it, you may have been confused.  Today I will walk through creating a simple PAA for you to use to deploy a new portlet and page.  In this example it is for a new portlet that I want to publish into greenhouse.

First lets take a look at the page:


We can see here it is very simple page with a one portlet on it.  The new Asponte Tools Portlet.

1.  I will export the page using the highlighted button in the image here

This allows us to export just the page we want

2. We examine the page so we can create an export to get both the page and the portlet as right now the xml only has this for the portlet

        <web-app action="locate" domain="rel" objectid="Z1_20101341JORSC0AIU526QQ20T2" uid="com.asponte.aspontetools.0a732b9a94.webmod">

And that will not get us an export of the portlet

3.  I next create a new file, and copy in the request stanza, portal stanza, web-app stanza, and content-node.  In the request stanza change the type to export , in the web-app change the action to export and remove the domain attribute and close off the stanza with no inclusions, for the content node change the action to export and remove everything but the oid/uniquename.  After doing that you should have xml file that looks like this.


4.  use this to export the web-app and page, by using import.xml and using the file I created in step 3, the output will show up here


5. Click View Details and copy the contents starting here


6.  With this file you can now build your PAA.  This will not be an extensive overview of creating a PAA, but in this screenshot we see the general layout


The two directories we care about are install under xmlaccess and war.  The reason we are using war instead of portlets, is that we want the object IDs of the portlets to always be the same.  So we will put our portlet war into war, and our xmlaccess we created into install.  Then we will make any changes to comp name, and sdd.xml to match, and zip it up and it is ready to distribute as a PAA.


With these steps you can make your own distributable, and repeatable installs.

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