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Personal Top Tips and Tricks for WCM

  • Created By: Bryant Poole
  • Updated: July 13, 2016

Are you one of those people who stand behind someone on their laptop and think, “why are they taking so long to do that? There’s a shortcut!” I can’t stand wasting time on repetitive tasks, or doing something in five steps when there’s a shortcut for one step. With that in mind, here are some of my favorite short cuts and/or tricks I use in WCM.


  1. Saving content items

Did you know that you can save a content item in an Authoring Template using Ctrl-S (Windows) if your cursor is in most plain text fields? This includes title, name, description, HTML fields, Text fields, etc. It does not include a Rich Text field. This also works for HTML, Navigator, Menu or Text Component items.

This saves you from having to scroll up or down to find the Save button.

  1. Quickly viewing content changes

When I’m in the process of building out a website in WCM, I always have two browser windows open at the same time. One window is always open to the Web Content Authoring interface (server:port/wps/myportal/Applications/Content/Authoring) while the other window is open to the WCM website that I’m building. That way I don’t have to constantly navigate back and forth between making a change in a content item[1] or a component and viewing the change on the website. I simply make and save the change, then change to the other tab and hit Ctrl-F5 to refresh the page.


  1. Navigating Site Areas and Libraries

The Web Content Authoring UI has breadcrumbs above the various function buttons.


All of that text is clickable (except the last, which is the current site area). You can quickly navigate up and the structure by simply clicking on those links.


Also notice that the Libraries link and the one to its right (in this case it is the name of the library CTC Content) have solid right arrows next to them. Clicking the arrow itself will show a list of libraries (for the Library link)



and the various WCM items (for the current library link).



Clicking any of those items allows you to navigate straight there.


  1. Moving between library site areas (Hidden Feature)

You can quickly move to a corresponding branch in another library using the breadcrumbs navigator. This is the navigator that is below the text Library Explorer and above the various authoring UI buttons (New, Edit, Read, More, etc.).

This feature depends on the site structure being identical between libraries, which should be the case for MLS sites.

For example, say you are in the site area intranet/news/local/forecasts in the us_en library. To quickly go to the intranet/news/local/forecasts site area in the gb_en library simply click the black right arrow next the Libraries and select the gb_en library. That’s it!


The same steps could be used to switch from the Component or Site Area of one library to the Component or Site Area of another library.

  1. Setting item Display Title

I rarely explicitly set the Display Title because I almost always want it to be identical to the Name field. If you set the Name field but do not set the Display Title, the Display Title will automatically get set with the same text as the Name field, there’s no need to enter in both places.

  1. Creating Favorites


You can create favorite items and favorite locations. Favorite items can be any item in WCM: content, components, workflows, categories, etc. To create a favorite item simply click the star beside the item in the WCM Authoring UI. The star will get filled in with yellow indicating that it is now a favorite.


Clicking the star again will remove it from your favorites. To view and quickly navigate to a favorite item select Personal Views -> Favorite Items from the left panel. A list of your favorite items will display. (Also, see the next tip on another way to use favorites.)


You may also create favorite locations (site areas). This is done in the same manner except you are required to name the location. Navigate to a site area then click the star next to the Library Explorer text and name the favorite. It will default to “Library Explorer”, but simply change the text to whatever you want—the site area name would be an obvious choice.


To get to your favorite locations, select Personal Views -> Favorite Locations. A popup will be presented allowing you to select which one you’d like to navigate to.



  1. Selecting recently selected items or favorite items.


There are several places in the WCM Authoring UI that have blue down arrows.

  1. Component fields in templates


  1. Category fields in the Profile section


  1. Current Workflow fields in the Workflow section



And many others. Clicking the arrow instead of clicking the text will allow you to select appropriate Favorited items or Recent items. For example, instead of going through all the workflows, I can select one of my favorited workflows (CTC Process/Templated Workflow) or one of the recent used workflows. This can save a lot of navigation time.


  1. Menu components


If you don’t want to limit how many items a menu component displays, say in a News menu for example, simply put 0 in the List Paging Options -> Results per page field. This effectively means all items.



[1] Of course inline editing allows you to edit content and view your changes on the portal page without navigating between the Authoring UI and your website--assuming you can edit published content. You can’t, however, do this with components—navigators, menu components, etc.

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