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Tasks Before Opening a service request (PMR) for WebSphere

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  • Updated: March 2, 2016

If you need to open a service request or problem management record (PMR) there may be some questions that you need answered. We will go over how to create a PMR and what needs to be done.


Before you create a service request it would be helpful to gather information for the service request.  This will allow you give IBM the information they need quicker.  In WebSphere Application Server v8.5 forward the IBM Support Assistant Data Collector is installed directly in the bin folder of WAS. Before v8.5 the IBM Support Assistant Data Collector can be accessed here. IBM has provided instructions for each specific component at MustGather instructions


After the tracing information the severity of the PMR must be assessed. The severity should be set by the scope of the request and business timelines, not the desired speed of resolution. There are 4 levels of severity they are defined as the following.

Level 4: Minimum business impact. Typically these request will be for more documentation or a discrepancy in the current documentation.

Level 3: Some business impact. Level 3 PMRs are more varied in possibilities. This means the system can be used but some features may not be working.

Level 2: Significant business impact. This level of PMRs are opened when components are throwing larger errors. Typically these issues are outside of a production environment. These issues also could be opened when business deadlines are at risk for slipping.

Level 1: PMRs at level 1 are the highest priority and should not be taken lightly. Severity level 1 PMRs are PMRs where there is a system outage or major impact in your production environment. PMRs should only be opened at this level when your production environment has an issue and an immediate solution must be found.


In addition to severity you also can assign a priority to your PMR. This is useful if you are a larger organization that has multiple PMRs opened at the same time and you want to prioritize your PMRs. They will still be sorted by severity first and then priority.

Once you have this information you can open the PMR by going to the IBM Service Request problem submission tool at: "http://www.ibm.com/software/support/probsub.html".

To recap before opening an PMR you should:

  1. Run the data collector and obtain the MustGather information.
  2. Assess the severity level, and priority level if required.
  3. Open the IBM with the information gathered.

I highly recommend as well to review the following articles for more information
Software Support Handbook:
MustGather instructions:

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