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Digital transformation starts at home.


So what is an Intranet Website and why are you reading this?  Does your company need one, is there value to have and money to be saved?  For most companies the answer is Yes. Employees have needs and the better met they are the better they will perform in their roles and the better your company will do.

The purpose of an intranet is to provide a private, secure online network where employees can create content, communicate, collaborate, manage tasks and events, and experience the company culture they desire.

Every company wants an improved internal process, better employee attitudes and increased revenue.  You can have all of it by starting with an intranet website dedicated to your employees needs and success.

A secure hub that provides interfaces tailored for different positions within the company to support productivity and overcome common obstacles.  The Intranet is where people can share and discuss all facets of the company safely.  This type of central collaboration coupled with the right content and multimedia pieces make for a great experience and resource for your people.

When all resources are easy to find, questions are easy to ask and answer.  It's amazing how people respond and how your results will show.

Let’s talk about your business and your outcomes.  Asponte has worked with the biggest companies in the industry to provide intranets to millions of users. 

It's your company's HomeBase, team touchpoint, central repository, multifunctional communication tool and more.

All the way back in 2001 - yes, that’s scarily almost 20 years ago - George Anders wrote in Fast Company that “managing an intranet, it turns out, is an organic process – one that revolves less around owning a patch of online real estate than around carefully tending what grows there.”

Let Asponte show you how to easily provide all of what you need for your employees to succeed and thrive.  We are ready to help you, read our infographic below.

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