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Information Architecture: The fundamental organization of a system


Information Architecture Defined

An architecture is the set of significant decisions about the organization of a software system; the selection of structural elements and their interfaces by which the system is composed; together with their behavior as specified in the collaborations among those elements; the composition of these elements into progressively larger subsystems; and the architectural style that guides this organization - these elements and their interfaces, their collaborations, and their composition.

If you were to ask anyone to describe "architecture" to you, nine times out of ten, they'll make some reference to structure. While an architecture defines structure and behavior, it is not concerned with defining all of the structure and all of the behavior. It is only concerned with those elements that are deemed to be significant. Significant elements are those that have a long and lasting effect, such as the major structural elements, those elements associated with essential behavior, and those elements that address significant qualities such as reliability and scalability.

Many definitions of architecture also acknowledge not only the structural elements themselves, but also the composition of structural elements, their relationships (and any connectors needed to support these relationships), their interfaces, and their partitioning.


Our Information Architects are Standing By!

Below is a short list of some of our service capabilities:

  • Shape the design architecture based on strategic business and operating models.
  • Develop principles, strategies and frameworks.
  • Ensure standards and framework compliance across the business.
  • Develop and maintain strategic and technology roadmaps.
  • Provide advice and consultancy on strategy to management team.
  • Use models and architectural frameworks to identify key relationships and gaps between business objectives, process and client systems.
  • Deliver roadmaps that enhance operational efficiency and provide visionary guidance for project solutions.
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