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Process Design: Strategy and Goals


Discovery & Design

Process discovery and design is the modeling, simulation, and adjustment of core business processes for both documentation and execution. It facilitates the collaboration of the process strategy with your business goals. Process design is tailored to each client, and includes the following:

  • Portfolio architecture – Design of a framework to codify the structure of the portfolio, which can include multiple business dimensions, hierarchies and stages/gates etc. Advanced frameworks can include multiple portfolio management applications.
  • Criteria specification – Identification and definition of the decision criteria, with particular emphasis on clear and objective descriptions that reduce perceptual bias during data collection.
  • Scorecard design – Definition of the structure and weights of criteria and portfolio elements and constraints, using a consulting methodology enabled by the GenSight® software, to capture and codify the client’s decision-making mindset.
  • Visualization design – Design of data driven graphical frameworks that support decision making, with particular emphasis on generating insight among users such that organizations can build consensus for action around important yet complex issues.
  • Optimization criteria – Definition of the goals and constraints to be used in portfolio optimization.
  • Workflow design – Design of the web-based Intelligent Forms (iForms) and associated business rules for information access rights, decision authority, notification and reporting. This includes definition of data requirements for each type of portfolio element (that can differ by stage, type etc.) and identification of sources of this data within the organization (which can be by individual, role, department or from an external system).

Asponte can help you design your process design and work with you to develop a strategy that fits your organization and budget.


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