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User Experience Design: Exceptional experiences start with exceptional design.


Design Principles

Here at Asponte, we build on people‚Äôs existing mental models to inform interactions and engage them in moments of inspiration and curiosity. Using familiarity and clear distinct choices minimizes the cognitive load and enables our clients to concentrate on their goals. We focus on users' goals with design tools that lead people to actionable insights. We are proactive by always anticipating users' next moves and helping them prepare for change.  HCL WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager give you the perfect platform for success, our consultants can help you maximize your investment and create exceptional digital experiences.


There is no way to plan for every device or to know how a particular device is being used. IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM Web Content Manager, and all of the IBM digital experience products provide a proven enterprise platform for every device.  When you engage Asponte, a strong content strategy is at the core of all of our product designs and enables us to build experiences that are responsive to every environment. With content as the foundation, we can progressively enhance, adding layers of polish, interaction and device capabilities. Because there are no guarantees, starting layouts with a mobile-first approach affords strict attention to hierarchy and helps you focus on what is truly important to users.

Just as there are no guarantees about how content is being accessed, there are no guarantees about who will access your content. Building responsible designs means inclusion, from the very beginning, of users with all types of needs. Accessible design is the difference between building stairs and building a ramp.

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