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XDT Alerts

Simple solution to deliver updates & messages to users


It’s a necessary evil, but there are times when we have to grab the user’s attention. 

Asponte XDT Alerts framework provides multiple avenues of invocation to provide your developers and/or content authors an easy and quick way to get your users attention. 
Whether you’re telling employees about an impending hurricane, or that open enrollment closes in three days, display consistent error or informational messages, or just wanting to give the user a tidbit of info without moving things around on the page to fit the message, our alerts framework has the right style alert and functionality for your use case.


As a site manager, you need to be able to get important information to your end users quickly and effectively.  Content authors lack a mechanism to alert end users of messages, consistent looking application error messages, and FYI mechanisms. Traditional methods content authors to know web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

XDT Alerts is built using standard web technologies running onHCL Digital Experience platform. The framework for XDT Alerts runs on jQuery, however the simplicity of its source code allows an easy conversion to another JavaScript framework (ex: NodeJS, Dojo).


  • Rich Text Editing
  • Easy WCM content creation
  • Select Recipients
  • Message via Portal UI
  • Click to not see again
  • Record actions
  • Track delivered alerts
  • Easy to use - no HTML required
  • Mobile ready
  • 3rd Party consumable 


  • Communicate with users quickly
  • Ensure important information is not missed
  • Customize alerts to fit your message and brand
  • Include confirmation requirements
  • No coding required by content authors
  • Install-to-Production timeline in minutes, not days
  • Uses HCL DX out of the box, no need for additional software installations
  • Includes 4 alert styles with unlimited potential for extensibility


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