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Alerts: Using Web Content to drive targeted information


Legacy design

You may be familiar with the Alerts framework that was available in 5.1 and 6.0 for WebSphere Portal that allowed you to add a flag to your theme and a portlet to manage alerts.  This system was good in that it was easy to implement, but did not provide rich text editing or any of the features users have come to appreciate about web content authoring.

A new look at Alerts

We decided to take a new look at how we can capitalize on what Web Content Manager provides.  We did this by using WCM content for the creation of the alerts.  This gives you the power to create your content and, with just a few clicks, decide who the content goes to.  No need to choose all recipients each time.

With this new framework, we decided to make it a message via the Portal UI.  This will provide your users with the timely information in the best manner.  Additionally, your content can use all the features of WCM, such as rich text editing and expiration to better manage your alerts.  For items delivered via the UI once they have been read the users can click to ensure they do not see them again, and can be recorded to whom all the content was delivered.

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