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Bookmarks: Find your favorite content, no matter where it has gone.


Current Problems

When reading through content, users often want to return to that content as a reference.  But with WebSphere Portal simply bookmarking the page may create problems later in time, as the content has moved from that page.


With this drop in solution your users can favorite content and then be able to access it from the bookmarks portlet no matter where they might be within the portal.  Additionally they can organize them as needed and you can have them filtered by virtual portal.  These bookmarks link directly to the user, and with some work can even work for anonymous users.  The links that the management portlet will show content in a general display no matter where it exists in the Portal.  The content will have a star on it to mark that it is bookmarked, and there is a management portlet that allows you to change how it works.  The service is presented in both a rest service and a portlet service so you can call it in multiple ways.

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