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Content Analytics: Data at your fingertips.


Have you been wondering what is going on on your website? Do you wonder what pieces of content are getting the most views? Do you wish you could see in greater detail how your WebSphere Portal Site is being used? Luckily there are a few options that we can help you with. We can help you see what pieces of content are getting access more, and provide you with tools on how to see that data better.

There are two flows that we can help you with: online analytics, or log analysis. The more popular method right now is with online analytics. Some of the big names are Google Analytics, IBM Customer Analytics, and WebTrends. A simple flow of how this works is as follows.

Analytics Architecture

With this we can connect your Social Business site with any analytics engine you might prefer by just changing the payload of the data that is sent. We will work with you to change your presentation templates, and theme resources to properly report and send the information that makes your site work better for your customers.

The other method we can help you with involves using log analysis and an analysis engine. One of the common ones is Tivoli Web Site Analyzer. With this you can use the built in portal logging and add some Content specific tags to the analysis logging.

For an overview of how the results look in Google, we use the ecommerce part to send the enhanced metrics and we can view content and the like within Google.

Analytics Example

The product detail views are the number of times that those items have been viewed on your site. With this you can see what content is being accessed and make sure to target future efforts to either improve existing content that is used most, or to redo content that is not being utilized at all.

If you would like to enhance your WebSphere Portal analytics capabilities to make your site work better for you, request a demo with an Asponte representative!

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