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Custom Authoring UI: An easy-to-use interface for content authors.


Do you author a lot of content? Do you waste time authoring similar content over and over? Are you interested in simplifying the process of authoring content through a convenient interface? If any of those questions intrigue you, Asponte has developed a great new tool for you.

What can it do?

With a focus on efficiency for content authors, Asponte has developed a UI with three common use cases. Let's discuss those three examples briefly:

  1. Open a pre-determined authoring template in one-click for users who create the same type of content frequently.
  2. Extension of the first example, but with the capability of pre-filling certain fields to reduce repetition of data entry.
  3. Allow the user to create any content using any template to which they have access from a single location.

Many other custom authoring solutions are possible, just let us know how we can solve a need for you!

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