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Faceted Search: A custom WCM/Portal search solution.



Our Faceted Search solution uses built-in features in HCL Digital Experience to provide many ways to filter.  No need to integrate an expensive 3rd party enterprise search.

Let us help you improve your search

Using categories in your taxonomy and other facets we can provide a simple UI for users to enter keywords and select from the categories (facets) to refine a search to find the right content.  See the following screenshot which shows a way to display the facets by checkboxes:

Our solution provides the following key capabilities:

  • The solution is Dynamic - If new categories are added to a facet then they will show up automatically with no I/T involvement.
  • Categories can be ordered manually by authors, no I/T intervention is needed.
  • Custom seedlists can be developed to handle multi-level taxonomies, and to add custom fields.
  • Result columns can be sorted.
  • Multi-lingual searching is supported.


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