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XDT File Manager

Extending WCM to handle large files without additional software



Is your web content hard to find, share and control?

Over time, digital assets can become hard to manage and organize.Large documents, videos, and other assets can slow down a Web Content Management environment and impact the Authors ability to work effectively.


Asponte XDT File Manager can help organize your creative content.

File Manager provides an intuitive document management console - that allows users to store documents in any external system, built to work seamlessly inside HCL Digital Experience.

A document management solution built for HCL DX that provides an intuitive document management console, allows you to store documents in any external system, and that leverages HCL DX to seamlessly display, secure, tag, rate, categorize, and search documents. 

Easily display, secure, tag, rate, categorize, and search assets with XDT File Manager


Features & Benefits:

Use standard DX features to surface & provide access to your documents. 

Seamlessly store documents outside or inside of HCL Digital Experience. 

Large files can be surfaced on a website without cluttering the JCR Database.

Import multiple files & folders at once using batch import. 

Integrate into custom Portlets, iWidgets, and applications and enable access from other products via ReSTful API.

Take advantage of the native WCM menu, Navigator, and access control panel.

Users can increase productivity by bulk loading existing files and folders.

Affordable alternative to FileNet & MediaBeacon.

XDT File Manager is also compatible with CMS API’s and can be used to plug WCM into your existing repositories.

For companies not leveraging the HCL DX Digital Asset Manager,
XDT File Manager provides the same features and functionality without the requirement of containers.


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