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File Manager: Extending WCM to handle large files without additional software


Current Limitations

Large files can be difficult for WCM to handle, as well can exponentially grow the size of your JCR database depending on how those files are used within WCM, and how many copies of the files you may keep.


The Asponte File Manager is for those customers who want to keep their costs down, and are looking for an alternative to FileNet and MediaBeacon.  Both of those solutions are great, but may be above your price range, or may be more solution than you currently need.  With Asponte File Manager you can use files directly on the file system and prepare and bulk load them into your WCM repository.  This way the large files are not cluttering your JCR database but are usable in your content and website.  Additionally the file manager is compatible with CMS APIs and can be used to plug WCM into your existing repositories.

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