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Reusable Assets: Develop more efficiently.


We also have several small reusable assets that we can bring to a project to speed development, and make your life easier with content editing after our part of the project is over.  These assets are provided as is and we will not charge you a maintenance fee to keep up on the latest version or anything.

  • CategoryHelper - a WCM Plugin that is useful when dealing with option selects that use categories. The default functionality in WCM returns the path to the content. Our plugin allows us to either get just the title or the full path including the library.
  • Email Functionality - a Email utility that will facilitate writing emails from within WCM. It contains the ability to send HTML emails with images included and also other type of emails.
  • EncodeForJSON - a utility for escaping characters required to build a JSON object from WCM content.
  • LinkHelper - a utility for creating links. It contains the ability to pull any field from the link field. Also allows us to create links and include class or set text before, after, or in place of the link text. This is particularly useful when dealing with Font-Awesome or other similar font icon systems.
  • Populate JSP Action - a tool for quickly uploading JSP to the system. It allows us to develop and test JSP files on the server without redeploying the application the JSP resides inside several times.
  • Render Component in Context - a tool for rendering components in context. This tool is used to change the rendering context of the portlet. If multiple site areas need to be accessed within the same component or the context needs to be different than existing context this plugin/jsp should be called.
  • WCM Script - Plugin that enables server-side script processing for WCM components
  • Asponte Tools portlet - portlet to run downloadable syndication reports, syndication status comparison, library security reports
  • DDC rendering plugin helper - this helps links DDC content to WCM content when pieces are coming from both sources.

This is just a short list of some of our reusable components that we can bring to your project.

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