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XDT WCM Utilities
Built for Developers by Developers for HCL DX



XDT WCM Utilities are a collection of Developer focused reusable assets created for the HCL Digital Experience platform.

These tools enhance developer activities and simplify common tasks empowering them to be more productive. System Administrators and support teams benefit from reduced troubleshooting headaches. End Users will result in quicker time to market.
Product owners - you should see a better return on your software investment.

XDT WCM Utilities are Plug & Play assets - with unlimited use. A ton of features and benefits that will save developers time and increase the value of the platform.

The XDT WCM Utilities are available ala cart or can be bundled for more savings!
There are no long term contracts or renewals, just a one-time cost and updates are free from Asponte.

WCM Category Plugin
Allows users to get the title or the full path including the library. This plugin is useful when dealing with option selects that use categories. Since the default functionality in WCM returns the path to just the content. 

WCM Content Locator
Helps users expose content location in multiple formats. It will display the library name, category name, and path to the component, based on the selections of a content element.

Email Enrichment Component
Send and retrieve emails from WCM. This component enables the creation and distribution of emails with HTML or other rich text content. The email can contain unique identifiers for content or customized items. 

WCM EncodeForJSON Plugin
Plugin for escaping characters required to build a JSON object from WCM content. Encode.forJSON()

WCM Link Helper
This utility extends the feature of WCM links. Users can create links and include class or set text before, after, or in place of the link text. Create advanced links, retrieve the link URL, text, description, target and attributes pull any field from the link, and add text before or after. This is particularly useful when dealing with Font-Awesome or other similar font icon systems.

Rapid JSP Deployment
Allows developers to update Java Server Pages from inside WCM and quickly deploy them to the server. Saves time in generating EAR files and redeploying packages. Develop and test JSP files on the server without redeploying the application. 

S&S Reports
Security and Syndication Reporting Tool. Use portlet to run downloadable syndication reports, syndication status comparison, library security reports.

WCM Dropdown Accelerator
Extend drop down options in WCM. Allows developers to update the options in one place and all associated authoring templates will automatically sync. Allows several authoring templates to share a dropdown option list
And associate a name value pair for dropdowns.

WCM Permissions Manager
This tool is used to check and set permissions on content items and components across any WCM library in any virtual portal. Gather a report of all permissions set on chosen Content Libraries, plus allows for setting permissions on chosen libraries and enables mass changes on specific libraries.

WCM Visual Version Compare
Visually compare the differences between content and component versions then determine what changed between versions.

WCM In-Context Plugin
Plugin for rendering components in context and change the rendering context of the portlet. If multiple site areas need to be accessed within the same component or the context needs to be different than existing context this plugin / JSP should be called.

DDC Rendering Plugin
Helps links DDC content to WCM content when pieces are coming from both sources.

WCM Script Plugin
Enables server-side script processing for WCM components.


Built for HCL Digital Experience by Developers for Developers


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