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XDT WCM Widgets
Easily add custom components to a portal page



XDT WCM Widgets are a collection of pre-built customized “drag & drop” components that allow for quick & easy updates to website pages.

This allows Content Authors to create entire components on a new page without requesting Technical Resources. Creating a page that may have taken days of development, testing, and authoring, can now be done in hours, or less.

WCM WIDGETS are built to work with HCL Digital Experience solutions.
These tools can increase productivity and extend the value of the software

WCM Widgets allow for quick & easy updates to website pages.
Simply open the content shelf, locate the Widget, and drag it onto the page. 
Once on the page, a combination of Portal features and custom-built authoring tools allow users to easily add, delete, or edit items without ever leaving the page.

With WCM Widgets - developers can update options in one place, and all other associated authoring templates will sync automatically. This tool extends drag and drop components in Web Content Manager.

Features & Benefits

  • Customizable
  • Extensible
  • Easy to edit
  • Inline editing
  • Drag & Drop in WCM
  • Increases productivity
  • Extends solution value
  • No long term support cost


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