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WCM Widgets: Custom components to drag-and-drop.


New and Improved!

Asponte's WCM Widgets are back and better than ever in Portal 8.5! Creating a page that may have taken days of development, testing, and authoring now takes a few clicks of the mouse! Give your content authors the ability to create entire components on new pages without having to request IT resources.

What are WCM Widgets?

WCM Widgets are a collection of pre-built components including Upcoming Events, Carousel, FAQ, Video and more. Customers often request similar components for their WCM sites, so the WCM Widgets have been built as general-purpose solutions for these use-cases.

How do we use them?

Our goal has always been ease of use. WCM Widgets have always been a drag-and-drop component that anyone can use. With the improvements introduced to WCM and Portal's content shelf, we have been able to integrate the widgets as individual portlets that can be added to the page! Simply open the content shelf, locate the Widget you wish to use, and drag it onto the page. Once on the page, a combination of Portal features and custom-built authoring tools allow you to quickly and easily add, delete, or edit items without ever leaving the page.

What if we don't like the out of the box look?

All of our components are built to be highly customizable and extensible. Your WCM developers on staff will have no trouble understanding the architecture and updating the look and feel to meet your precise visual and functional needs. And of course, we can help with the customizations as well if needed.

Ask one of our representatives for a demonstration today and you could be building your site tomorrow!

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