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XDT Video Manager

Manage your video library in DX


Asponte’s powerful video solution provides a low cost and simple alternative for Content Authors that leverage HCL Digital Experience Manager and HCL Web Content Manager link videos from any public streaming service and manage them in an easy to use console inside of HCL Digital Experience Manager.  Our Video Manager also allows companies to locally manage and maintain Videos for Intranets using security and personalization rules to surface the right video to the right audience. Leverage all of HCL’s Digital Experience Manager’s features for tagging, personalization, security, and workflows for managing and publishing video content and enhancing your Digital Experience.



Looking for a quick informational flyer? Click here to view a PDF flyer for our Video Manager and watch the video below to learn some of the key features of the Asponte Video Manager for HCL DX.


Key Features:

  • Easily manage, link to, manage, search, and delete videos.

  • With little effort your authors can manage all video content to make immediate changes editing or extend the video presence.

  • Permission based approvals allow for easy 1-click publishing, or multiple stage workflows allowing reviewers to approve video content, or send content back to Authors for revisions before they are published.

  • Extensible and Flexible:  Leveraging YouTube API’s with options for other 3’rd party API’s or Internal API’s.

  • Your public videos are stored as links in WCM content, allowing for robust management and personalization capabilities.

  • Asponte’s Video Management Solution supports any video streaming service that can be surfaced using standard iframe playback.


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